Sex on the conference table

An unforgettable secretary video

It was a short while ago – I saw that secretary video, and I was immediately hooked. I urgently wanted to do what I had seen in this video. It was an adult video, and so of course the secretary in the video was fucked at work, but it was the way she was fucked that really turned me on.

It was a rather bizarre scene; she and her boss were in the conference room, after a meeting. All the rest of the staff had gone, because the meeting was over, but she had to stay because her boss stayed, typing away furiously on his laptop.

Then suddenly she gets up and you can see that her skirt, a rather long skirt, has a slit up her back that almost reaches her ass when she turns around and then slowly gets up on the huge table. She glides along on all fours sensuously on the table like a cat. Her boss doesn't notice. Until she is right in front of him, lifting a hand like a cat's paw and then, playfully, clicking the top of his laptop shut. He looks up, and you can see that he is angry. But then he sees her, I mean really sees her, all sexy and seductive.

She realizes that she finally has his attention. She sits down on her haunches, gets her hands up, stroking her neck, her shoulders, finally her breasts, and then begins to unbutton her silky white blouse. With every button she opens, you can see more of her enormous boobs, which swing, unhindered by a bra, in her blouse.

Finally her blouse is open, and she plays around with her tits. Her boss watches her, until he finally grabs her boobs while getting up, all in one fluid motion. And then his laptop is forgotten. He climbs up on the big table, unbuttoning his trousers on the way up.

She lies down compliantly on the table, smiling up at him, and finally he fucks her on the huge conference table.

Now you have to know that in our company there is such an enormous conference table as well, and since I saw this secretary video of an office fuck at such a table every time we have a meeting I have to think of this porn film. Maybe it is time that I watched some other videos about sex at the office, like I can find here, so that in future I can do my meetings again without having a hard-on!